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Combined Science

If you’re reading this, you’re probably studying Combined Science GCSE. This course covers content from all three science subjects (Biology, Chemistry, and Physics) and earns you two GCSE qualifications. Unlike single science courses, Combined Science evaluates your performance across all three subjects. So if you’re looking for an all-rounder science qualification, Combined Science is the one for you.

There are two variations of the Combined Science course: Synergy and Trilogy.

Combined Science: Synergy

The Synergy course is divided into two sections. At school, these will typically be taught by two different teachers. Both sections draw together content from biology, chemistry, and physics.

Life and Environmental Sciences

Life and Environmental Sciences is about the living world around us.

You will start by learning about the tiny building blocks of our world, atoms, and cells. Next, you will build on this knowledge by studying animal and plant systems. From then, you can learn how the environment affects living organisms, and how our choices affect our health. Finally, you will discover how the natural world has changed over time.

Physical Sciences

Physical Sciences is about the non-living world around us.

First, you will learn how atoms and molecules are organised and structured. Different molecular structures translate into varying materials, which have different physical and chemical properties. Then you will discover how objects interact with each other, and the forces that govern our world. Finally, you will learn how sustainable use of materials and energy can help to build a better future.

Combined Science: Trilogy

The Trilogy course is split into three sections. Each one tackles the three different sciences: biology, chemistry and physics.

Each section is laid out in a clear, logical order. Lots of the content and key practicals overlap with the individual science GCSEs. Combined Science: Trilogy provides a good foundation for progressing onto science A-Levels.

Combined Science learning objectives

The Combined Science course aims to inspire curiosity in the world around us and discover how science is relevant in our everyday lives. What can you learn from Combined Science about how science affects our lives?

  • We can use models and theories to understand the diversity of the world around us – including both living and non-living aspects. Differences drive change!

  • Interactions can occur across long distances and over time. There doesn’t have to be any direct contact.

  • Scientific discoveries would not be complete without analysis, hypotheses, experiments and reviews.

Science for science’s sake is great, but what about your exams?

From a more academic perspective, Combined Science will help you to:

  • Develop scientific knowledge and understanding across biology, chemistry, and physics.

  • Critically analyse scientific claims and results. This includes manipulating data, reading tables and making charts.

  • Plan, undertake and report on experiments in the lab and field.

How can StudySmarter support me in studying Combined Science?

StudySmarter’s goal is free, accessible education for all. Using our app, you can access learning materials anywhere in the world. There’s a range of Combined Science content to support your learning and understanding.

Combined Science Revision Guide

Our intelligent guide is here to introduce everything you need to know to revise your Combined Science courses and exams successfully. Here is what you can discover on StudySmarter:

Combined Science Explanations

Every topic in your GCSE has an explanation on our website. Each explanation has been written and verified by the team here at StudySmarter. They cover everything you need to know, complete with examples, definitions, and deep dives for further information. You can also make your own notes on the StudySmarter platform to reinforce your learning.

Combined Science Flashcards

Every verified explanation has 15 flashcards for revision and recall. That’s not all – you can make your own flashcards and share them with other students!

Combined Science Study Groups

You can create study groups with your friends and classmates on StudySmarter. This allows you to share documents, notes, and flashcards. It’s perfect for a team project or group study session!

Rewards for learning Combined Science

StudySmarter lets you create a personalised learning plan, helping you to achieve your best results.

You can set your own weekly goals, such as completing subjects, answering flashcards and asking questions. If you reach these goals, you earn trophies.

For example, if you study every week for three months, you receive the Best thing since sliced bread trophy. Or if you answer five questions in the same course, you earn the rank of Grandmaster.

The more you learn, the more trophies you earn to celebrate how hard you’ve worked!

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