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Textbook Solutions for Campbell Biology

Campbell Biology
Campbell Biology

Campbell Biology

Book edition 11th
Author(s) Urry, Cain, Wasserman, Minorsky, Reece
Pages 1281 pages
ISBN 9780134093413

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55 Chapters

1326 Solutions
  1. 3. Water and Life

    9 Solutions
  2. 6. A Tour of the Cell

    19 Solutions
  3. 10. Photosynthesis

    19 Solutions
  1. 11. Cell Communication

    13 Solutions
  2. 12. The Cell Cycle

    8 Solutions
  3. 19. Viruses

    24 Solutions
  4. 28. Protists

    29 Solutions
  5. 31. Fungi

    25 Solutions
  6. 41. Animal Nutrition

    28 Solutions
  7. 43. The Immune System

    31 Solutions
  8. 47. Animal Development

    27 Solutions
  9. 49. Nervous Systems

    32 Solutions
  10. 51. Animal Behavior

    30 Solutions
  11. 53. Population Ecology

    16 Solutions
  12. 54. Community Ecology

    29 Solutions

Overview of Campbell Biology

“Campbell Biology (Eleventh Edition)” is the newest edition covering the basic and major concepts of biological sciences. The new edition focuses on presenting the original concepts with increased visual representations and practical scientific skills. The eleventh edition also has “Problem-Solving Exercises” and “Interpret the Data” sections that will help the students increase their data analysis skills and look into the realistic picture of the concepts.

All the chapters have various sections like “Concept Checks” and “Scientific Inquiry,” with integrated media that maintains the balance of practical and theory. The book is available in 19 languages and is an excellent guide for college-level students. 

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