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Fundamentals Of Biochemistry
Found in: Page 1080

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Short Answer

Question: Predict the effect of deleting the leader peptide sequence on regulation of the trp operon.

The deletion of the leader peptide sequence on the regulation of the trp operon would lead to the increment of the expression of the structural gene of the trp operon by attenuation.

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Step by Step Solution

Step 1: Leader sequence.

Leader peptide sequence is present in trp operon that plays an important role in transcription.

Step 2: Attenuation.

Attenuation is a regulatory or terminatory mechanism that ensures proper transcription and translation.

Step 3: Explanation.

The trp operon expresses ON (if low) and OFF(if high) mechanisms with respect to the levels of tryptophan in the cell. When the level of tryptophan is high, attenuation would cause premature termination while RNA polymerase is transcribing the trp operon.

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