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Essentials Of Investments
Found in: Page 474
Essentials Of Investments

Essentials Of Investments

Book edition 9th
Author(s) Zvi Bodie, Alex Kane, Alan Marcus, Alan J. Marcus
Pages 748 pages
ISBN 9780078034695

Short Answer

The ABC Corporation has a profit margin on sales below the industry average, yet its ROA is above the industry average. What does this imply about its asset turnover?

High assets turnover than the industry average implies that the corporation is using its assets more efficiently than its peer company.

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Step by Step Solution

Step 1: Definition of Profit margin

The technique of gauging the degree to which a company makes a profit is called the profit margin.

Step 2: Explanation on ROA above industry average

Profit margin below the industry average, implying that ABC Corporation cannot minimize the expenses as efficiently as their peer company, generating lower profit, leading to a lower profit margin. A high return on the asset over the industry average indicates that the company is efficiently using its assets to generate revenue for the corporation.

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Chiptech, Inc., is an established computer chip firm with several profitable existing products as well as some promising new products in development. The company earned $1 per share last year and just paid out a dividend of $.50 per share. Investors believe the company plans to maintain its dividend payout ratio at 50%. ROE equals 20%. Everyone in the market expects this situation to persist indefinitely

a. What is the market price of Chiptech stock? The required return for the computer chip industry is 15%, and the company has just gone ex-dividend (i.e., the next dividend will be paid a year from now, at t = 1).

b. Suppose you discover that Chiptech’s competitor has developed a new chip that will eliminate Chiptech’s current technological advantage in this market. This new product, which will be ready to come to the market in two years, will force Chiptech to reduce the prices of its chips to remain competitive. This will decrease ROE to 15%, and, because of falling demand for its product, Chiptech will decrease the plowback ratio to .40. The plowback ratio will be decreased at the end of the second year, at t = 2: The annual year-end dividend for the second year (paid at t = 2) will be 60% of that year’s earnings. What is your estimate of Chiptech’s intrinsic value per share?

( Hint: Carefully prepare a table of Chiptech’s earnings and dividends for each of the next three years. Pay close attention to the change in the payout ratio in t = 2.)

c. No one else in the market perceives the threat to Chiptech’s market. In fact, you are confident that no one else will become aware of the change in Chiptech’s competitive status until the competitor firm publicly announces its discovery near the end of year 2. What will be the rate of return on Chiptech stock in the coming year (i.e., between t = 0 and t = 1)? In the second year (between t = 1 and t = 2)? The third year (between t = 2 and t = 3)? ( Hint: Pay attention to when the market catches on to the new situation. A table of dividends and market prices over time might help.)

Use the following case in answering Problems 26 – 28:

Institutional Advisors for All Inc., or IAAI, is a consulting firm that primarily advises all types of institutions such as foundations, endowments, pension plans, and insurance companies. IAAI also provides advice to a select group of individual investors with large portfolios. One of the claims the firm makes in its advertising is that IAAI devotes considerable resources to forecasting and determining long-term trends; then it uses commonly accepted investment models to determine how these trends should affect the performance of various investments. The members of the research department

of IAAI recently reached some conclusions concerning some important macroeconomic trends. For instance, they have seen an upward trend in job creation and consumer confidence and predict that this should continue for the next few years. Other domestic leading indicators that the research department at IAAI wishes to consider are industrial production, average weekly hours in manufacturing, S&P 500 stock prices, M2 money supply, and the index of consumer expectations.

In light of the predictions for job creation and consumer confidence, the investment advisers at IAAI want to make recommendations for their clients. They use established theories that relate job creation and consumer confidence to inflation and interest rates and then incorporate the forecast movements in inflation and interest rates into established models for explaining asset prices. Their primary concern is to forecast how the trends in job creation and consumer confidence should affect bond prices and how those trends should affect stock prices.

The members of the research department at IAAI also note that stocks have been trending up in the past year, and this information is factored into the forecasts of the overall economy than they deliver. The researchers consider an upward-trending stock market a positive economic indicator in itself; however, they disagree as to the reason this should be the case.

Which of the domestic series that the IAAI research department listed for use as leading indicators is least appropriate?

a. Industrial production

b. Manufacturing average weekly hours

c. M2 money supply


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