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Financial & Managerial Accounting
Found in: Page 145
Financial & Managerial Accounting

Financial & Managerial Accounting

Book edition 7th
Author(s) John J Wild, Ken W. Shaw, Barbara Chiappetta
Pages 1096 pages
ISBN 9781259726705

Short Answer

Question: The following three separate situations require adjusting journal entries to prepare financial statements as

of April 30. For each situation, present both:

∙ The April 30 adjusting entry.

∙ The subsequent entry during May to record payment of the accrued expenses.

Entries can draw from the following partial chart of accounts: Cash; Accounts Receivable; Prepaid

Interest; Salaries Payable; Interest Payable; Legal Services Payable; Unearned Revenue; Revenue; Salaries

Expense; Interest Expense; Legal Services Expense; Depreciation Expense.

a. On April 1, the company retained an attorney for a flat monthly fee of $3,500. Payment for April legal

services was made by the company on May 12.

b. A $900,000 note payable requires 12% annual interest, or $9,000, to be paid at the 20th day of each

month. The interest was last paid on April 20, and the next payment is due on May 20. As of April 30,

$3,000 of interest expense has accrued.

c. Total weekly salaries expense for all employees is $10,000. This amount is paid at the end of the day

on Friday of each five-day workweek. April 30 falls on a Tuesday, which means that the employees

had worked two days since the last payday. The next payday is May 3.

Legal fess expenses debited ans legal fees payable is credited with $3,500. Legal fees payable is debited and cash account credited with $3,500

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Step by Step Solution

Step-by-Step SolutionStep 1: Definition of legal fees payable

The legal fees are due, but the payment is not made.

Step 2: Entries related legal fees

Journal entry





April 30

Legal Fees Expense


Legal Fees Payable


(Adjusting entry for legal fees)

May 12

Legal Fees Payable




(Entry for the payment of legal fees_

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