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Chapter 12: Reporting Cash Flows

Financial & Managerial Accounting
Pages: 532 - 585

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74 Questions for Chapter 12: Reporting Cash Flows

  1. Key comparative information for Samsung (Samsung.com), a leading manufacturer of electronic consumer products, follows.

    Found on Page 585
  2. Compute cash flows from financing activities using the following company information.

    Found on Page 568
  3. CRUZ, INC.

    Found on Page 568
  4. The following transactions and events occurred during the year. Assuming that this company uses the direct method to report cash provided by operating activities, indicate where each item would appear on the statement of cash flows by placing an x in the appropriate column.

    Found on Page 574
  5. For each of the following three separate cases, use the information provided about the calendar-year 2018 operations of Sahim Company to compute the required cash flow information.

    Found on Page 574
  6. Refer to the information about Sonad Company in Exercise 12-4. Use the direct method to prepare only the cash provided or used by operating activities section of the statement of cash flows for this company.

    Found on Page 574
  7. Salt Lake Company’s 2017 income statement and selected balance sheet data (for current assets and current liabilities) at December 31, 2016 and 2017, follow.

    Found on Page 578
  8. Santana Rey, owner of Business Solutions, decides to prepare a statement of cash flows for her business. (Although the serial problem allowed for various ownership changes in earlier chapters, we will prepare the statement of cash flows using the following financial data.)

    Found on Page 582
  9. Key figures for Apple and Google follow.

    Found on Page 532
  10. Refer to the information in Problem 12-1A.

    Found on Page 576

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