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Horngren'S Financial And Managerial Accounting
Found in: Page 53

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Short Answer

Let’s examine a case using Greg’s Tunes and Sal’s Silly Songs. It is now the end of the first year of operations, and the stockholders want to know how well each business came out at the end of the year. Neither business kept complete accounting records, and no dividends were paid. The businesses throw together the data shown on the next page at year-end: $ 23,000 8,000 35,000 22,000 $ 10,000 6,000 44,000 9,000 Total Assets Common Stock Total Revenues Total Expenses Greg’s Tunes: Sal’s Silly Songs: Total Liabilities Common Stock Total Expenses Net Income To gain information for evaluating the businesses, the stockholders ask you several questions. For each answer, you must show your work to convince the stockholders that you know what you are talking about. Requirements 4. Which business brought in more revenue?

Greg’s Tunes has more revenue.

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Step by Step Solution

Calculation of Total Revenue for Greg’s Tunes

Total revenue is calculated as follows:

Explanation on comparison

Total revenue for Sal’s Silly Songs equals $35,000, and Greg’s Tunes equals $53,000. Hence, it can be concluded that Greg’s Tunes has more revenues.

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