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Horngren'S Financial And Managerial Accounting
Found in: Page 1130

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Short Answer

England Productions performs London shows. The average show sells 1,300 tickets at$60 per ticket. There are 175 shows per year. No additional shows can be held as thetheater is also used by other production companies. The average show has a cast of65, each earning a net average of $340 per show. The cast is paid after each show. Theother variable cost is a program-printing cost of $8 per guest. Annual fixed costs total$728,000.


1. Compute revenue and variable costs for each show.

2. Use the equation approach to compute the number of shows England Productionsmust perform each year to break even.

3. Use the contribution margin ratio approach to compute the number of showsneeded each year to earn a profit of $5,687,500. Is this profit goal realistic? Giveyour reasoning.

4. Prepare England Productions’s contribution margin income statement for175 shows performed in 2018. Report only two categories of costs: variableand fixed.

  1. Revenue for each show is $78,000; Variable cost of performance is $22,100 and variable cost of program is $10,400.
  2. In break even point, no of shows will be 16 shows.
  3. Yes, the profit goal is realistic as the acutal no of shows i.e., 175 shows is more than the shows required for the profit of $5,687,500 i.e., 141 shows.
  4. The contribution margin Income Statement shows the net operating profit of $7,234,500
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Step by Step Solution

Step 1:1. Computation of revenue for each show-

Step 2: 1. Computation of variable cost for each show-

Step 3:2.Computation of number of show in Break even point-

Let number of show be ‘x’

Step 4: Computation of contribution margin ratio-

Step 5:3. Computation of Break even point-

Step 6:4.Contribution margin income statement-

Contribution margin Income Statement

For the year ended 2016



Less: Variable cost




Less: Fixed Costs


Net Operating Profit


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