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Horngren'S Financial And Managerial Accounting
Found in: Page 411

Short Answer

How do businesses control cash receipts over the counter?

Cash receipts are controlled with the help of a point-of-sale terminal.

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Step by Step Solution

Step 1: Definition of cash receipt

Cash receipts are the receipt that records the cash that the company receives. These receipts are immediately sent to the bank after they are received.

Step 2: Businesses control cash receipt

Businesses control the cash receipts over the counter with the help of the point-of-sale terminal. A company records all the cash receipts in the cash register which helps in the cash receipts over-the-counter control. In this way, a company controls the cash receipts.

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Understanding internal control, components, procedures, and laws

Match the following terms with their definitions.

1. Internal control

2. Control procedures

3. Firewalls

4. Encryption

5. Environment

6. Information system

7. Separation of duties

8. Collusion

9. Documents

10. Audits

11. Operational efficiency

12. Risk assessment

13. Sarbanes-Oxley Act

a. Two or more people working together to overcome internal controls.

b. Part of internal control that ensures resources are not wasted.

c. Requires companies to review internal control and take responsibility for the accuracy and completeness of their financial reports.

d. Should be prenumbered to prevent theft and inefficiency.

e. Limits access to a local network.

f. Example: The person who opens the bank statement should not also be the person who is reconciling cash.

g. Identification of uncertainties that may arise due to a company’s products, services, or operations.

h. Examination of a company’s financial statements and accounting system by a trained accounting professional.

i. Without a sufficient one of these, information cannot properly be gathered and summarized.

j. The organizational plan and all the related measures that safeguard assets, encourage employees to follow company policies, promote operational efficiency, and ensure accurate and reliable accounting data.

k. Component of internal control that helps ensure business goals are achieved.

l. Rearranges data by a mathematical process.

m. To establish an effective one, a company’s CEO and top managers must behave honorably to set a good example for employees.

Correcting internal control weaknesses

Each of the following situations has an internal control weakness.

a. Jade Applications has decided that one way to cut costs in the upcoming year is to

fire the external auditor. The business believes that the internal auditor should be

able to efficiently monitor the company’s internal controls.

b. In an effort to minimize the amount of paperwork, Ross Homes has decided that it

will not keep copies of customer invoices related to sales revenue. Ross believes that

this effort will minimize the amount of data storage the company will have to pay for.

c. Elle Bee, a trusted employee for many years, has never taken a vacation. The owner

believes that he’s lucky that she is so committed to her job.

d. The Medicine Chest Company keeps a small petty cash fund to handle small cash

transactions. Because no one wants to volunteer to be the custodian, the business

manager has decided that all employees should have access to the petty cash. She

figures that as long as each employee fills out a petty cash ticket, then there are

proper controls in place.

e. Due to the cost of maintaining the security cameras, Wings and More has decided

that it will remove the cameras that monitor the cash register.

f. Bryan Miller, manager of Hardware Emporium, prides himself on hiring

exceptionally skilled employees who need no training to do their jobs.


1. Identify the missing internal control characteristics in each situation.

2. Identify the possible problem caused by each control weakness.

3. Propose a solution to each internal control problem.


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