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Chapter 25: Short-Term Business Decisions

Horngren'S Financial And Managerial Accounting
Pages: 1373 - 1425

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72 Questions for Chapter 25: Short-Term Business Decisions

  1. Sea Blue manufactures flotation vests in Charleston, South Carolina. Sea Blue’s contribution margin income statement for the month ended December 31, 2018, contains the following data:

    Found on Page 1415
  2. Snappy Plants operates a commercial plant nursery where it propagates plants for garden centers throughout the region. Snappy Plants has $5,100,000 in assets. Its yearly fixed costs are $650,000, and the variable costs for the potting soil, container, label, seedling, and labor for each gallon-size plant total $1.90. Snappy Plants’s volume is currently 500,000 units. Competitors offer the same plants, at the same quality, to garden centers for $4.25 each. Garden centers then mark them up to sell to the public for $9 to $12, depending on the type of plant.

    Found on Page 1416
  3. Members of the board of directors of Security Check have received the following operating income data for the year ended May 31, 2018:

    Found on Page 1417
  4. Brinn, located in Port St. Lucie, Florida, produces two lines of electric toothbrushes: deluxe and standard. Because Brinn can sell all the toothbrushes it can produce, the owners are expanding the plant. They are deciding which product line to emphasize. To make this decision, they assemble the following data:

    Found on Page 1417
  5. List the four steps in short-term decision making. At which step are managerial accountants most involved?

    Found on Page 1406
  6. Doherty Company is considering replacing the individual printers each employee in the corporate office currently uses with a network printer located in a central area. The network printer is more efficient and would, therefore, cost less to operate than the individual printers. However, most of the office staff think having to use a centralized printer would be inconvenient. They prefer to have individual printers located at each desk. Identify the following information as financial or nonfinancial and relevant or irrelevant. The first item has been completed as an example.

    Found on Page 1376
  7. What makes information relevant to decision making?

    Found on Page 1406
  8. Thomas Company makes a product that regularly sells for $12.50 per unit. The product has variable manufacturing costs of $8.50 per unit and fixed manufacturing costs of $2.00 per unit (based on $200,000 total fixed costs at current production of 100,000 units). Therefore, the total production cost is $10.50 per unit. Thomas Company receives an offer from Wesley Company to purchase 5,000 units for $9.00 each. Selling and administrative costs and future sales will not be affected by the sale, and Thomas does not expect any additional fixed costs.

    Found on Page 1384
  9. What makes information irrelevant to decision making?

    Found on Page 1406
  10. McCollum Company manufactures two products. Both products have the same sales price, and the volume of sales is equivalent. However, due to the difference in production processes, Product A has higher variable costs and Product B has higher fixed costs. Management is considering dropping Product B because that product line has an operating loss.

    Found on Page 1392

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