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Intermediate Accounting (Kieso)
Found in: Page 238

Short Answer

What types of contractual obligations must be disclosed in great detail in the notes to the balance sheet? Why do you think these detailed provisions should be disclosed?

Four items for which disclosure is mandatory on the financial statement are:

  1. General debt obligation
  2. Stock option
  3. Pension arrangements
  4. Lease contracts
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Step by Step Solution

Definition of Pension Plan

A plan in which the employee and employer both contribute a specific amount when the employee is working, and the employee will benefit from this account after retirement is known as a pension plan.

Items mandatory to be disclosed on the financial statements

  1. General debt obligations include the debt securities issued by the business entity with a specified maturity period.
  2. Stock Option: A benefit is given to the team member under which they are allowed to buy shares at a pre-specified or discounted price.
  3. Pension arrangements: It includes the payment made to employees on their retirement.
  4. Lease contract: Any lease agreement with another company.

All these disclosures are necessary because these contracts are long-term, and the company’s well-being depends on this.

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