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Intermediate Accounting (Kieso)
Found in: Page 1446

Short Answer

An annual report of Ford Motor Corporation states, “Net income a share is computed based upon the average number of shares of capital stock of all classes outstanding. Additional shares of common stock may be issued or delivered in the future on conversion of outstanding convertible debentures, exercise of outstanding employee stock options, and for payment of defined supplemental compensation. Had such additional shares been outstanding, net income a share would have been reduced by 10¢ in the current year and 3¢ in the previous year. . . . As a result of capital stock transactions by the company during the current year (primarily the purchase of Class A Stock from Ford Foundation), net income a share was increased by 6¢.” What information is provided by this note?

The main element of this note is that it provides information on potential dilution related to some of the more vulnerable devices that are still outstanding.

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Meaning of Annual Report

Annual reports cover a wide range of topics that help investors and creditors learn more about a firm by examining a set of general-purpose financial statements.

Explaining the information provided in the note

The reader should be aware that there are securities outstanding that can impact earnings per share. In addition, the acquisition of Treasury shares gave the corporation the power to increase its earnings per share. The key aspect to remember about this note is that it contains information on potential dilution associated with certain sensitive securities that are still outstanding.

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Edna Millay Inc. is a manufacturer of electronic components and accessories with total assets of $20,000,000. Selected financial ratios for Millay and the industry averages for firms of similar size are presented below.

Edna Millay

2017 Industry





Current ratio





Quick ratio





Inventory turnover





Net sales to stockholders’ equity





Return on common stockholders’ equity





Total liabilities to stockholders’ equity





Millay is being reviewed by several entities whose interests vary, and the company’s financial ratios are a part of the data being considered. Each of the parties listed below must recommend an action based on its evaluation of Millay’s financial position.

Archibald MacLeish Bank. The bank is processing Millay’s application for a new 5-year term note. Archibald MacLeish has been Millay’s banker for several years but must reevaluate the company’s financial position for each major transaction.

Robert Penn Warren. A brokerage firm specializing in the stock of electronics firms that are sold over-the-counter, Robert Penn Warren must decide if it will include Millay in a new fund being established for sale to Robert Penn Warren’s clients.

Working Capital Management Committee. This is a committee of Millay’s management personnel chaired by the chief operating officer. The committee is charged with the responsibility of periodically reviewing the company’s working capital position, comparing actual data against budgets, and recommending changes in strategy as needed.


c) Discuss what the financial ratios presented in the question reveal about Millay. Support your answer by citing specific ratio levels and trends as well as the interrelationships between these ratios.

The following statement is an excerpt from the FASB pronouncement related to interim reporting. Interim financial information is essential to provide investors and others with timely information as to the progress of the enterprise. The usefulness of such information rests on the relationship that it has to the annual results of operations. Accordingly, the Board has concluded that each interim period should be viewed primarily as an integral part of an annual period. In general, the results for each interim period should be based on the accounting principles and practices used by an enterprise in the preparation of its latest annual financial statements unless a change in an accounting practice or policy has been adopted in the current year. The Board has concluded, however, that certain accounting principles and practices followed for annual reporting purposes may require modification at interim reporting dates so that the reported results for the interim period may better relate to the results of operations for the annual period.


The following six independent cases present how accounting facts might be reported on an individual company’s interim financial reports. For each of these cases, state whether the method proposed to be used for interim reporting would be acceptable under generally accepted accounting principles applicable to interim financial data. Support each answer with a brief explanation.

f) LaBrava Company was reasonably certain it would have an employee strike in the third quarter. As a result, it shipped heavily during the second quarter but plans to defer the recognition of the sales in excess of the normal sales volume. The deferred sales will be recognized as sales in the third quarter when the strike is in progress. LaBrava Company management thinks this is more representative of normal second- and third-quarter operations.


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