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Question 4Q

Intermediate Accounting (Kieso)
Found in: Page 421

Short Answer

Mishima, Inc. indicated in a recent annual report that approximately $19 million of merchandise was received on consignment. Should Mishima, Inc. report this amount on its balance sheet? Explain.

No, Mishima Inc. cannot report the consigned merchandise into its balance sheet as it has no control over it.

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Step by Step Solution

Consignment sale

A consignment sale is a type of sale agreement in which the title and ownership of the merchandise remain with the seller (consignor). The consignee only takes responsibility for selling them.

Reporting in balance sheet

In the given case, Mishima Inc. is a consignee who has taken the responsibility of selling the goods. But the title and the ownership of merchandise do not belong to Mishima Inc.

Thus Mishima Inc. cannot report merchandise amounting to $19 million on its balance sheet.

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Question: Craig Company asks you to review its December 31, 2017, inventory values and prepare the necessary adjustments to the books. The following information is given to you.

1. Craig uses the periodic method of recording inventory. A physical count reveals $234,890 of inventory on hand at December 31, 2017.

2. Not included in the physical count of inventory is $13,420 of merchandise purchased on December 15 from Browser. This merchandise was shipped f.o.b. shipping point on December 29 and arrived in January. The invoice arrived and was recorded on December 31.

3. Included in inventory is merchandise sold to Champy on December 30, f.o.b. destination. This merchandise was shipped after it was counted. The invoice was prepared and recorded as a sale on account for $12,800 on December 31. The merchandise cost $7,350, and Champy received it on January 3.

4. Included in inventory was merchandise received from Dudley on December 31 with an invoice price of $15,630. The merchandise was shipped f.o.b. destination. The invoice, which has not yet arrived, has not been recorded.

5. Not included in inventory is $8,540 of merchandise purchased from Glowser Industries. This merchandise was received on December 31 after the inventory had been counted. The invoice was received and recorded on December 30.

6. Included in inventory was $10,438 of inventory held by Craig on consignment from Jackel Industries.

7. Included in inventory is merchandise sold to Kemp f.o.b. shipping point. This merchandise was shipped on December 31 after it was counted. The invoice was prepared and recorded as a sale for $18,900 on December 31. The cost of this merchandise was $10,520, and Kemp received the merchandise on January 5.

8. Excluded from inventory was a carton labeled “Please accept for credit.” This carton contains merchandise costing $1,500 which had been sold to a customer for $2,600. No entry had been made to the books to reflect the return, but none of the returned merchandise seemed damaged; Craig will honor the return.


(a) Determine the proper inventory balance for Craig Company at December 31, 2017.

(b) Prepare any correcting entries to adjust inventory to its proper amount at December 31, 2017. Assume the books have not been closed.


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