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Q. 14-17OQ

Operations And Supply Chain Management
Found in: Page 369
Operations And Supply Chain Management

Operations And Supply Chain Management

Book edition 14th
Author(s) F. Robert Jacobs
Pages 800 pages
ISBN 9780078024023

Short Answer

In a data box on a value stream map, what do the abbreviations CT and C/O mean?

C/T means Cycle Time and C/O means Change-over Time in the value stream map.

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Step by Step Solution

Different components of VSM

There are mainly three forms or parts of VSM:

The information part, the timeline portion, and an entire process of mapping. The purpose of VSM is to visualize the entire production process from the start to the end of a process to create value for the efforts in the business.

C/T and C/O in VSM

C/T is the Cycle Time and C/O is the Change-over Time. Both of these are important components of value stream mapping. It plays an important role in analyzing different steps of manufacturing.

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