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Operations And Supply Chain Management
Found in: Page 253
Operations And Supply Chain Management

Operations And Supply Chain Management

Book edition 14th
Author(s) F. Robert Jacobs
Pages 800 pages
ISBN 9780078024023

Short Answer

Question: The exponential distribution is often used to model what in a queuing system?


The exponential dissemination isn't the same as the course of exponential families of distributions, which may be an expansive course of likelihood dissemination that incorporates the exponential dispersion as one of its individuals but incorporates the ordinary dispersion, binomial dispersion, and gamma dispersion, Poisson, and numerous others.

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Step by Step Solution

Step1: Queuing system

Queuing system can be portrayed as a system having benefits office at which units of many sorts arrive for advantage at any point there are more units within the framework than the benefits office can handle at the same time a line or holding up line creates.

Step2: Used to compute the probability of arrivals within a specified time

Assume the cruel number of entries per time. If the entries put subjectively, exponential dissemination is calculated utilizing the equation which is utilized to compute the likelihood of entries inside an indicated time.

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