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Operations And Supply Chain Management
Found in: Page 124
Operations And Supply Chain Management

Operations And Supply Chain Management

Book edition 14th
Author(s) F. Robert Jacobs
Pages 800 pages
ISBN 9780078024023

Short Answer

What are some capacity balance problems faced by the following organizations or facilities?

  1. An airline terminal

An airport terminal is a structure at an airline that connects travelers to land transport as well as the support that enables passengers to board as well as depart from planes.

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Airline terminal

Travelers pay for tickets, move their bags, as well as go through safety at the checkpoint. Corridors are the facilities that give access to airplanes (by gateways).

However, based on the airport terminal layout, the titles "gateway" as well as "terminal building" is occasionally used simultaneously. Major airports have a single terminal, whereas bigger airports have many facilities as well as common areas. In tiny terminals, a single terminal structure often serves as both a gateway as well as a terminal.

An airline terminal

Sitting rooms, spacing from the entrance gate, ground staff needs, as well as landing fields are all factors to consider. Crowded airline scheduling generally causes issues across the network, such as waiting rooms, spacing from the entrance gate, ground personnel needs, airports, luggage handles, and so on.

An airplane terminal's capital adequacy primarily involves space as well as skilled manpower resources. Space is critical since bigger airports can handle more planes as well as travelers while also allowing for better effective flight operations.

Human resources particularly ground workers as well as flight control experts; play an essential part in the terminal's successful functioning. Sensors such as sensors, transmitters, as well as other connectivity machines are also important in terminals to assist the operations. Protection professionals are also highly important.

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