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Question 4PE

Operations And Supply Chain Management
Found in: Page 108
Operations And Supply Chain Management

Operations And Supply Chain Management

Book edition 14th
Author(s) F. Robert Jacobs
Pages 800 pages
ISBN 9780078024023

Short Answer

Pieces of work in a project that consume time to complete.

The procedure of defining as well as recording tasks that must be done as well as executed to achieve task deliverable is referred to as activities.

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Project Activities

Project activity is often a single step of a project plan. Every activity comprises one as well as more tasks that, when completed, will advance the project towards the next round. The tasks, when completed in order, will lead to the ultimate deliverable. Every action has a specified beginning as well as finish point, and a timeframe as well as schedule period by which it should be finished.

Pieces of work in a project that consumes time to complete is activities

The completion of all the activities of a project marks the end of the project. Project activity is essentially a milestone, a segment, or a task that is subdivided into multiple subprojects. Project activity is defined as any process that necessitates the completion of a series of projects to finish that activity.

The goal of specifying tasks of the project is to differentiate the precise job that must be completed with a specified goal to achieve project outputs. The procedure must be carried out in precise detail to calculate the schedule as well as the resources necessary to finish it.

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