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Chemical Principles
Found in: Page 83

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Short Answer

In the production of printed circuit boards for the electronics industry, a 0.60-mm layer of copper is laminated onto an insulating plastic board. Next, a circuit pattern made of a chemically resistant polymer is printed on the board. The unwanted copper is removed by chemical etching and the protective polymer is finally removed by solvents. One etching reaction is

A plant needs to manufacture 10,000 printed circuit boards, each in area. An average of of the copper is removed from each board(density of copper ).What masses of and are needed to do this? Assume yield.

Masses of and required to remove copper from each board are and .

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Step by Step Solution

 Step 1: Definition

The mass of any material expressed in atomic mass units is quantitatively equivalent to its molar mass in grams per mole.

Step 2: Determining the mass of copper coated 

For 10,000 plates, the volume of copper coated

Step 3: Determining the mass of copper removed

Amount of copper removed

Step 4: Determining the mass of  

Thus, from the given reaction,

For 1 mole of etching , 1 mole of is needed



Thus the required mass of


Step 5: Determining the mass of Ammonia

For 1 mole of , 4 moles of Ammonia is needed

And for etching, of ,

Moles of is needed.


Therefore, the masses of and are and .

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