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Organic Chemistry
Found in: Page 264

Short Answer

Question: Draw an energy diagram for the following SN2 reaction. Label the axes, the starting materials, and the product. Draw the structure of the transition state.


The energy diagram can be given as follows:

The transition state can be given as follows:

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Step by Step Solution

Energy diagram

Energy diagrams can be designated as “reaction-coordinate diagrams.” They portray the energy change that comes about in a particular reaction

Transition state

The reaction-coordinate diagram comprises several points, and the highest point is designated as the “transition state.”

This particular state possesses a short lifetime.

Energy diagram and transition state in the given SN2 reaction

The energy diagram for the SN2 reaction is given below:

Energy diagram for the SN2 reaction.

The x-axis in this diagram indicates the reactant’s energy, transition state, and product, and the y-axis indicates the reaction coordinate.

The energy of the transition state is higher than the energy of the reactant and product in the energy diagram of this particular SN2 reaction. In this bimolecular substitution reaction, the breakage of the C-Cl bond and creation of the C-O bond occurs simultaneously in the transition state given below:

Transition state

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