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Organic Chemistry
Found in: Page 207

Short Answer

Draw the structures of (S,S)-ethambutol, a drug used to treat tuberculosis that is 10 times more potant than any of its other isomers.


Following is the structure of (S,S)-ethambutol:

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Step by Step Solution

Definition of stereoisomers

The stereoisomers are also known as spatial isomers. These are the kind of isomers with similar molecular formulas and also the same sequence of bonds.

The stereoisomers differ from each other only in the three-dimensional positionings of their atoms. They are further classified as enantiomers and diastereomers.

The structure of (S,S)-ethambutol

It is a drug used for the treatment of tuberculosis.

Structure of (S,S)-ethambutol

It consists of two stereogenic carbon atoms as marked in the structure by *.

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