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Organic Chemistry
Found in: Page 55

Short Answer

Question: Which of the given resonance structures (A, B, or C) contributes most to the resonance hybrid? Which contributes the least?


A contributes the most, whereas B contributes the least to the resonance hybrid structure.

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Step by Step Solution

Step-by-Step SolutionStep 1: Resonance hybrid structure

A resonance hybrid structure represents the properties of all the resonance structures of the given compound.

The delocalized pair of electrons are represented by ‘terminated lines’ distributed over all those atoms which have a single bond in one resonance structure and multiple bonds in another structure.

Step 2: Better resonance structure

Out of all the resonance structures, a structure with minimum charge and delocalized electrons distributed over more atoms contribute to a better resonance structure.

Better resonance structure has more contribution in the resonance hybrid structure.

Step 3: Choosing the most and least contributing structures

Among the three given resonance structures, structures A and C have the maximum number of bonds, that is, three bonds in between the atoms which are under the effect of resonance.

Representation of resonance structures of A, B, and C

So, A and C are better resonance structures than B.

Among structures A and C, structure A does not have any charge, and structure C has a positive and a negative charge. So, structure A is a better resonance structure than structure C.

Representation of resonance structures of A and C

So, the structures in the order of increasing contribution to the resonance hybrid structure are arranged below:

Hence, structure A contributes the most, and structure B contributes the least to the resonance hybrid structure.

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