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Chapter 6: Understanding Organic Reactions

Organic Chemistry
Pages: 213 - 246

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58 Questions for Chapter 6: Understanding Organic Reactions

  1. Classify each transformation as substitutio

    Found on Page 216
  2. Given each of the following values, is the starting material or product favored at equilibrium?

    Found on Page 226
  3. Found on Page 227
  4. Question: Considering each of the following values and neglecting entropy, tell whether the starting material or product is favored at equilibrium:

    Found on Page 228
  5. For a reaction with , decide which of the following statements is (are) true. Correct any false statement to make it true. (a) The reaction is exothermic; (b) for the reaction is positive; (c) is greater than 1; (d) the bonds in the starting materials are stronger than the bonds in the product; and (e) the product is favored at equilibrium.

    Found on Page 228
  6. Answer Problem 6.14 for a reaction with .

    Found on Page 228
  7. Question: Draw an energy diagram for a reaction in which the products are higher in energy than the starting materials and is large. Clearly label all of the following on the diagram: the axes, the starting materials, the products, the transition state, ,and .

    Found on Page 231
  8. Draw the structure for the transition state in each reaction.

    Found on Page 231
  9. Compound A can be converted to either B or C. The energy diagrams for both processes are drawn on the graph below.

    Found on Page 231
  10. Consider the following energy diagram

    Found on Page 233

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