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Algebra 1
Found in: Page 270
Algebra 1

Algebra 1

Book edition Student Edition
Author(s) Carter, Cuevas, Day, Holiday, Luchin
Pages 801 pages
ISBN 9780078884801

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Short Answer

State whether each sentence is true or false. If false replace the underlined word or number to make a true sentence.

A function that is defined differently for different parts of its domain is called a piecewise-defined function.

The provided sentence is true.

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Step by Step Solution

Step 1. Analyze the provided sentence.

The provided sentence represents the name of a function with the representation of its different parts in unique ways associated with the domain of the function.

Step 2. Determine the provided equation is true or false.

The provided sentence falls in the category of true because a function that is piecewise-defined requires many different formulas and the main domain of the function consists of the domains associated with each formula.

Step 3. Write the conclusion.

The provided sentence is true so there is no requirement to change the underlined word.

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