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Introductory Statistics
Found in: Page 485
Introductory Statistics

Introductory Statistics

Book edition OER 2018
Author(s) Barbara Illowsky, Susan Dean
Pages 902 pages
ISBN 9781938168208

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Short Answer

The American Community Survey (ACS), part of the United States Census Bureau, conducts a yearly census similar to the one taken every ten years, but with a smaller percentage of participants. The most recent survey estimates with 90% confidence that the mean household income in the U.S. falls between $69,720 and $69,922. Find the point estimate for mean U.S. household income and the error bound for mean U.S. household income.

From all we see we get final answer is

Error bound for mean is EBM=$101.


Simple mean is x¯=$69821.

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Step by Step Solution

Step 1: Introduction

The error bound for a population mean is the margin of error when estimating a population mean (EBM).

Step 2: Explanation 

The 90%confidence interval for household income in the United States,

The formula is used to compute the error bound.

EBM=Upper limit-lower limit 2



The formula is used to get the simple mean.

x¯=UPper limit lower limit 2



Error bound for mean is this EBM=$101

simple mean we see is x¯=$69821.

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