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Introductory Statistics
Found in: Page 699
Introductory Statistics

Introductory Statistics

Book edition OER 2018
Author(s) Barbara Illowsky, Susan Dean
Pages 902 pages
ISBN 9781938168208

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Short Answer

Identify the potential outlier in the scatter plot. The standard deviation of the residuals or errors is approximately 8.6

82 are more than two standard deviations from 58 which makes coordinate (6,58) as a potential outlier.

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Step by Step Solution

Step 1: Given information

Given in the question is a graph

Step 2: Solution

The outlier is clearly separated from the least-squares regression line in the question.

That is, the outlier on the graph is at point (6,58)

Hence the predicted value is 82.

It may be deduced that 58 is 24 units less than 82.

As a result, 24 exceeds two standard deviations.



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