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Linear Algebra With Applications
Found in: Page 426
Linear Algebra With Applications

Linear Algebra With Applications

Book edition 5th
Author(s) Otto Bretscher
Pages 442 pages
ISBN 9780321796974

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Short Answer

Question: Consider the system dxdt=[01-10]Ax whereA=[0100] . Sketch a direction field for Base on your sketch, describe the trajectories geometrically. Can you find the solution analytically?


The solution of the system is xt=c1+c2+c2tc2 .

See the step by step solution

Step by Step Solution

Step 1: Determine the Eigen values of the matrix.

Consider the equation dxdt=Axwith A=0100.

Assume is an Eigen value of the matrix 0100 implies .

Substitute the values 0100for A androle="math" localid="1660643543411" 1001 for in the equation as followsA-λI=0.


Simplify the equation0100-λ1001=0 as follows.


Therefore, the Eigen values of A are λ=0.

Step 2: Determine the Eigen vector corresponding to the Eigen value λ=0

Assume v1=x1y1 and v2=x2y2 are Eigen vector corresponding toλ=0,0 implies A-λ1Iv1=0 and A-λ2Iv2=0 .

Substitute the values 0100for A,0 for role="math" localid="1660644995182" λ1x1y1, for v1 and for in the equationA-λ1Iv1=0 as follows.


As is chosen to be arbitrary, assume x1 = 1 implies x1y1=10

Therefore, the Eigen vector corresponding to role="math" localid="1660645072341" λ1=0 is x1y1=10 .

Substitute the values0100 for A, 0 for , for and1001 for in the equation as follows.

As is chosen to be arbitrary, assume implies 0100

Therefore, the Eigen vector corresponding to λ2=0 is x2y2=11 .

The Eigen vectors are and corresponding to the Eigen valuλ2x2y2es v1=10 and v211respectively.

 Step 3: Find the general solution for x→(t)

The general solution ofxt isxt=c1v1+c2tv2+v1 .

Substitute the value 10for v1 and 11for v2 in the equation xt=c1v1+c2tv2+v1as follows.


Step 3: Sketch the direction field graph ofAx→ .

Asλ1,2=0 , draw the direction field graph of the function as follows.

Hence, the formula for the solution of the systemdxdt=0100x is and the direction field graph isxt=c1+c2+c2tc2 sketched.

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