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Chapter 1: Linear Equations

Linear Algebra With Applications
Pages: 1 - 40
Linear Algebra With Applications

Linear Algebra With Applications

Book edition 5th
Author(s) Otto Bretscher
Pages 442 pages
ISBN 9780321796974

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225 Questions for Chapter 1: Linear Equations

  1. Emile and Gertrude are brotherand sister. Emile has twice as many sisters as brothers and Gertrude has just as many brothers as sisters. How many children are there in this family?

    Found on Page 5
  2. Consider a two-commodity market. When the unit prices of the products are P1 and P2, the quantities demanded, D1 and D2, and the quantities supplied, S1 and S2 are given by

    Found on Page 6
  3. Find all the vectors in R4that are perpendicular to the three vectors

    Found on Page 1
  4. Find all solutions x1,x2,x3 of the equation

    Found on Page 1
  5. If we consider more than three industries in an input-output model, it is cumbersome to represent all the demands in a diagram as in Exercise 39. Suppose we have the industriesI1I2...Inwith outputs x1x2...xn. The output vector is,

    Found on Page 20
  6. Consider the system

    Found on Page 1
  7. Ifwehaveann×nmatrixAwhoseentriesarepositiveorzeroandallcolumnsumsofAarelessthan1.LetrbethelargestcolumnsumofA.Thena.TheentriesofAmarelessthanorequaltorm,forallpositiveintegersm.b.limm→∞Am=0(meaningthatallentriesofAmapproachzero).c.Theinfiniteseriesln+A+A2+...+Am+...converges(entrybyentry)d.Theproduct(ln-A)(ln+A+A2+...+Am+...)=l-Am+1If‘m’gotoinfinity,then(ln-A)-1ln+A+A2+...+Am+...

    Found on Page 1
  8. (Compute the dot products in Exercises 10 through 12

    Found on Page 35
  9. In exercises, 1 through 10, findall solutions of the linear systems using elimination.T hen check your solutions.

    Found on Page 5
  10. 10: In Exercises 1 through 12, find all solutions of the equations

    Found on Page 18

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