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Chapter 30: Atomic Physics

College Physics (Urone)
Pages: 1067 - 1116

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65 Questions for Chapter 30: Atomic Physics

  1. Why does the energy of characteristic x rays become increasingly greater for heavier atoms?

    Found on Page 1110
  2. Verify that the ground state energy \({{\rm{E}}_{\rm{0}}}\) is \({\rm{13}}{\rm{.6eV}}\) by using

    Found on Page 1112
  3. Observers at a safe distance from an atmospheric test of a nuclear bomb feel its heat but receive none of its copious x rays. Why is air opaque to x rays but transparent to infrared?

    Found on Page 1110
  4. If a hydrogen atom has its electron in the n = 4 state, how much energy in eV is needed to ionize it?

    Found on Page 1112
  5. Lasers are used to burn and read CDs. Explain why a laser that emits blue light would be capable of burning and reading more information than one that emits infrared.

    Found on Page 1110
  6. A hydrogen atom in an excited state can be ionized with less energy than when it is in its ground state. What is n for a hydrogen atom if 0.850 eV of energy can ionize it?

    Found on Page 1112
  7. Crystal lattices can be examined with x rays but not UV. Why?

    Found on Page 1110
  8. Find the radius of a hydrogen atom in the n = 2 state according to Bohr’s theory.

    Found on Page 1112
  9. CT scanners do not detect details smaller than about 0.5 mm. Is this limitation due to the wavelength of x rays? Explain.

    Found on Page 1112
  10. Show that\[\left( {{\bf{13}}{\bf{.6 eV}}} \right){\bf{/hc = 1}}{\bf{.097 \times 1}}{{\bf{0}}^{\bf{7}}}{\bf{ m}}\]=R (Rydberg’s constant), as discussed in the text

    Found on Page 1112

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