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College Physics (Urone)
Found in: Page 778

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Short Answer

If you wish to take a picture of a bullet traveling at 500 m/s , then a very brief flash of light produced by an discharge through a flash tube can limit blurring. Assuming 1.00 mm of motion during one RC constant is acceptable, and given that the flash is driven by a 600-mF capacitor, what is the resistance in the flash tube?

The resistance in the flash tube is 3.33×10-3 Ω

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Step by Step Solution

Step 1: Definition of RC constant and resistance.

RC constant: The RC time constant is a measurement that tells us how long a cap will take to charge to a specific voltage level.

Resistance: The term "resistance" refers to anything that stands in the way of current flow.

Step 2: Given information

Bullet Speed= 500 m/s

Capacitor= 600 μF10-6 F1 μF=6.00×10-4 F

Step 3: Calculating the time taken by a bullet

Let us solve the given problem.

In this problem, we calculate the resistance necessary in and RC circuit to take a picture of a bullet with minimal blurring. The bullet travels at a speed of V=500 m/s. If x=1 mm10-31 mm=1' 10-3 m of motion is allowed during one time constant is acceptable, we first calculate the time it takes the bullet to travel 1 mm. This gives

t=xv =1' 10-3 m500 m/s =2.00' 10-6 s

Step 4: Calculating the resistance

The time has to be equal to the time constant of the circuit.

For the capacitance,C=6.00' 10-4 F , we have

role="math" localid="1656399114049" t=RCR=tCR=2×10-6s6.00×10-4FR=3.33×10-3 Ω

Therefore, the resistance is 3.33×10-3 Ω .


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