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College Physics (Urone)
Found in: Page 664

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Short Answer

To start a car engine, the car battery moves 3.75×1021 electrons through the starter motor. How many coulombs of charge were moved?

To start a car engine \({\rm{ - 600 C}}\) of charge were moved.

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Step by Step Solution

Step 1: Quantization of charge

According to quantization of charge, all charged objects in the nature are integral multiples of charge on electron or proton.

Step 2: Coulombs of charge moved

The charge moved to start a car engine is calculated by using quantization of charge.

According to the quantization of charge,

Q = ne

Here, Q is the total charge moved, n is the number of electrons move to start a car engine n=3.75×1021 ,and e is the charge on electron \(\left( {{\rm{e = - 1}}{\rm{.6 \times 1}}{{\rm{0}}^{{\rm{ - 19}}}}{\rm{ C}}} \right)\).

Substituting all known values,

Q=3.75×1021××-1.6×10-19C =-600C

Hence, to start a car engine -600 C of charge were moved.

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