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College Physics (Urone)
Found in: Page 664

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Short Answer

What net charge would you place on a 100 g piece of sulfur if you put an extra electron on 1 in 1012 of its atoms? (Sulfur has an atomic mass of 32.1.)

If sulfur has an extra 1 electron in 1012 of its atoms, then the net charge on 100 g piece is -0.300 μC.

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Step by Step Solution

Step 1: Given Data

  • Mass of piece of sulphur is 100 g
  • Fraction of extra electrons is 11012
  • Atomic mass of sulphur is 32.1

Step 2: Charged body

When there is imbalance in the number of electron and proton in a body, then it is said to be charged. If a body gains extra electron, the body is said to be negatively charged.

Step 3: Number of extra electrons

The number of moles of sulfur is,


Here, N is the number of moles of sulfur, m is the mass of the sulfur piece (m = 100 g) , and is the molar mass of the sulfur ( M = 32.1 g ) .

Substituting all known values,

N=100 g32.1 g =3.115

The number of sulfur atom is,

Na=3.115×6.022×1023 =1.876×1024

Since, there is 1 extra electron on every 1012 atom. Therefore, the number of extra electrons is,

n=1.876×10241012 =1.876×1012

Step 4: Net charge

According to the quantization of charge,

Q = ne

Here, Q is the net charge, n is the number of extra electron n=1.876×1012 , and e is the charge on an electron e=-1.6×10-19C .

Substituting all known values,

Q=1.876×1012×-1.6×10-19C=3.00×10-7C×1 μC10-6C=-0.300 μC

Hence, the net charge on 100 g of piece of sulfur, if it has an extra 1 electron in 1012 of its atoms, is -0.300 μC .

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