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College Physics (Urone)
Found in: Page 735

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Short Answer

A total of \({\bf{600}}\;{\bf{C}}\) of charge passes through a flashlight in\({\bf{0}}{\bf{.500}}\;{\bf{h}}\). What is the average current?

The value of the average current is \(0.333\;{\rm{A}}\).

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Step by Step Solution

Step 1: Identification of the given data

The given data can be listed below as,

  • The total electric charge is, \(Q = 600\;{\rm{C}}\).
  • The time interval is, \(t = 0.500\;{\rm{h}}\).

Step 2: Significance of average electric current

The value of the average current can be calculated from the value of the charge quantity that flows in the given time. Generally, the measuring unit of the current is Ampere (A).

Step 3: Determination of the average electric current

The relation to calculate the average current is expressed as,

\(\begin{aligned}Q = It\\I = \frac{Q}{t}\end{aligned}\)

Here, \(I\) is the average current.

Substitute all the known values in the above equation.

\(\begin{aligned}I = \left( {\frac{{600\;{\rm{C}}}}{{0.500\;{\rm{h}}}}} \right)\left( {\frac{{\frac{1}{{3600}}\;{\rm{C/s}}}}{{1\;{\rm{C/h}}}}} \right)\left( {\frac{{1\;{\rm{A}}}}{{1\;{\rm{C/s}}}}} \right)\\ \approx 0.333\;{\rm{A}}\end{aligned}\)

Thus, the average current is\(0.333\;{\rm{A}}\).

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