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Chapter 12: Fluid Dynamics and its Biological and Medical Applications

College Physics (Urone)
Pages: 401 - 432

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37 Questions for Chapter 12: Fluid Dynamics and its Biological and Medical Applications

  1. Is there a limit to the height to which an entrainment device can raise a fluid? Explain your answer.

    Found on Page 425
  2. The flow rate of blood through a \({\bf{2}}{\bf{.00 \times 1}}{{\bf{0}}^{{\bf{ - 6}}}}\;{\bf{m}}\)-radius capillary is \({\bf{3}}{\bf{.80 \times 1}}{{\bf{0}}^{\bf{9}}}\;{\bf{c}}{{\bf{m}}^{\bf{3}}}{\bf{/s}}\) . (a) What is the speed of the blood flow? (This small speed allows time for diffusion of materials to and from the blood.) (b) Assuming all the blood in the body passes through capillaries, how many of them must there be to carry a total flow of\({\bf{90}}\;{\bf{c}}{{\bf{m}}^{\bf{3}}}{\bf{/s}}\)? (The large number obtained is an overestimate, but it is still reasonable.)

    Found on Page 428
  3. Why is it preferable for airplanes to take off into the wind rather than with the wind?

    Found on Page 426
  4. (a) What is the fluid speed in a fire hose with a 9.00-cm diameter carrying 80.0 L of water per second? (b) What is the flow rate in cubic meters per second? (c) Would your answers be different if salt water replaced the fresh water in the fire hose?

    Found on Page 428
  5. Roofs are sometimes pushed off vertically during a tropical cyclone, and buildings sometimes explode outward when hit by a tornado. Use Bernoulli’s principle to explain these phenomena.

    Found on Page 426
  6. The main uptake air duct of a forced air gas heater is 0.300 m in diameter. What is the average speed of air in the duct if it carries a volume equal to that of the house’s interior every 15 min? The inside volume of the house is equivalent to a rectangular solid 13.0 m wide by 20.0 m long by 2.75 m high.

    Found on Page 428
  7. Why does a sailboat need a keel?

    Found on Page 426
  8. It is dangerous to stand close to railroad tracks when a rapidly moving commuter train passes. Explain why atmospheric pressure would push you toward the moving train.

    Found on Page 426
  9. Water pressure inside a hose nozzle can be less than atmospheric pressure due to the Bernoulli effect. Explain in terms of energy how the water can emerge from the nozzle against the opposing atmospheric pressure.

    Found on Page 426
  10. A perfume bottle or atomizer sprays a fluid that is in the bottle. (Figure 12.25.) How does the fluid rise up in the vertical tube in the bottle?

    Found on Page 426

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