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College Physics (Urone)
Found in: Page 426

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Short Answer

When paddling a canoe upstream, it is wisest to travel as near to the shore as possible. When canoeing downstream, it may be best to stay near the middle. Explain why.

The paddling of canoe is easier at the middle downstream due to turbulent flow in the middle while paddling of canoe is easier at the shores due to laminar flow at the shores.

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Step by Step Solution

Step 1: Concept of laminar and turbulent flow.

Laminar flow is described at the smooth flow which occur in layers and they do not mix. Turbulent flow is described by eddies and swirls which mixes together the layers of fluid.

Step 2: Explanation for travelling near shore when paddling a canoe upstream and travelling in middle when paddling downstream.

The flow of water near the shore is laminar while in the middle the flow is turbulent. When paddling a canoe upstream, as the flow in the middle is turbulent it is very difficult to move upstream while at the shores the flow is laminar which makes it easier to paddle and move upstream.

When paddling a canoe downstream, it is easier to stay in the middle and paddle due to the turbulent flow in the middle which helps in free movement downstream. While at the shores, the flow is not as free as in the middle due to laminar flow.

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