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College Physics (Urone)
Found in: Page 396

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Short Answer

Calculate the average pressure exerted on the palm of a shot-putter’s hand by the shot if the area of contact is 50.0 cm2 and he exerts a force of role="math" localid="1668682357057" 800N on it. Express the pressure in and compare it with the 1.00×106Pa pressures sometimes encountered in the skeletal system.

The Pressure exerted on shot-put is obtained as: 1.6×105Pa.

The ratio of both the values is: 0.16.

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Step by Step Solution

Step 1: Conceptual Introduction

Fluid statics, often known as hydrostatics, is a branch of fluid mechanics that investigates the state of balance of a floating and submerged body, as well as the pressure in a fluid, or imposed by a fluid, on an immersed body.

Step 2: Given Data

The pressure is the rate of force applied to the surface per unit area.

The Force which is given by the hand of shot-putter to the shot-put is F=800N.

The area of the contact in meter square is A=0.005m2.

Step 3: Pressure exerted on the shot put

Since they are equivalent, we can write the above equation as:


The Pressure exerted on shot-put is: 1.6×105Pa.

Relation of the pressure in 1×106Pa.

As we know 1N/m2=1Pa.

Hence, we need to do ratio to compare this both quantity


Therefore, the ratio of the two value is 0.16.

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