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College Physics (Urone)
Found in: Page 186

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Short Answer

As cars travel, oil and gasoline leaks onto the road surface. If a light rain falls, what does this do to the control of the car? Does a heavy rain make any difference?

A vehicle can lose control.

Heavy rain does not affect the movement of cars as much.

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Step by Step Solution

Definition of Gasoline

Gasoline or petrol is a clear, flammable liquid derived from petroleum and is used primarily as a fuel in most spark-ignition internal combustion engines (also known as gasoline engines).

Determining status of car and effect of heavy rain

Car motion is caused by the friction force. Static friction works when there is no slipping between the point of contact and road.

When the breaks are applied the nature of friction force converts from static friction to kinetic friction.

In the absence of friction force motion of car will not possible because the car moves due to the force which road applies on the car which is a result of friction force acting between the surfaces.

Because oil is less dense than water, it rises to the top and settles on the road when a light rain falls. This produces a potentially dangerous condition because the friction between the surfaces is considerably reduced. As a result, a vehicle can lose control.

The oil is distributed in a strong rain, which keeps the friction force low. Therefore, they do not affect the movement of cars as much.

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