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College Physics (Urone)
Found in: Page 500

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Short Answer

How is heat transfer related to temperature?

Heat transfer is the spontaneous energy transformation that occurs due to the change in temperature.

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Step by Step Solution

Step1:Define heat transfer

Heat transfer is the transfer of energy due to a difference in the temperatures. Heat transfer between two bodies continues until the temperatures of both bodies become equal. It is a spontaneous energy transfer that results from the change in temperature.

Step 2: Describe the relation between heat transfer and temperature

Heat transfer is directly proportional to the mass of a substance, its specific heat capacity, and the difference in temperature. It is mathematically expressed as;

\({\rm{Q = mc\Delta T}}\)

Here, \({\rm{Q}}\) is the amount of heat transfer, \({\rm{m}}\) is the mass of the substance, \({\rm{c}}\) is the specific heat capacity, and \({\rm{\Delta T}}\) is the difference in temperature.

So, the amount of heat transfer increases with the rise of the difference in temperature.


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