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College Physics (Urone)
Found in: Page 11

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Short Answer

Mount Everest, at \({\bf{29}},{\bf{028}}\)feet, is the tallest mountain on the Earth. What is its height in kilometres? (Assume that \({\bf{1}}{\rm{ }}{\bf{kilometre}}\) equals \({\bf{3}},{\bf{281}}{\rm{ }}{\bf{feet}}\).)

Conversion is very important in calculation .It make our work easier.

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Step by Step Solution

Step 1: A concept.

Add the length to the conversion factor to convert a foot measurement to a kilometer measurement.

Converting feet to kilometers.

Consider the given data as below.

Height of Mount Everest is \({H_f} = 29,028{\rm{ }}feet\)

Now, relation between kilometer and foot:

\(1{\rm{ }}km = 3281{\rm{ }}feet\)

Therefore, the height of Mount Everest in kilometre is,

\(1{\rm{ }}feet = {\rm{ }}0.305x{\rm{ }}{10^{ - 3}}{\rm{ }}kilometer\)

Step 2: Calculation:

For the given case

Height of Mount Everest in feet is,

\({H_f} = 29028{\rm{ }}feet\)

So, height of Mount Everest in kilometer is,

\(\begin{array}{c}{H_K} = 0.305 \times {10^{ - 3}} \times 29028\\ = 8.853{\rm{ }}km\end{array}\)

Step 3: Conclusion:

Hence, the height of Mount Everest in km is \(8.853{\rm{ }}km\).

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