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College Physics (Urone)
Found in: Page 813

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Short Answer

(a) What is the maximum torque on a 150-turn square loop of wire 18.0 cm on a side that carries a 50.0-A current in a 1.60-T field? (b) What is the torque when θ is 10.9º?

(a) The maximum torque is 360 Nm.

(b) When θ=10.9° , the torque equals 68.1 Nm.

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Step by Step Solution

Step 1: Definition of Torque.

Torque can be a force applied on the different current carrying loops/segments in a uniform magnetic field.

The torque can be estimated using the expression,

τ=NIABsin(θ) ………………(1)

where the number of turns, N , the current, I , the area of the loop, A , and the inclination angle of the loop, θ .

Step 2: Finding the maximum torque(a)

The maximum torque can be obtained when θ=90° .

The area of the current-carrying loop is,

A=0.18 m×0.18 m =0.03 m2

This can be used in equation (1) to determine the torque, such that,

πmax=NIABsin90° =150×50A×0.03m2×1.60 T×sin90° =360 Nm

Therefore, the maximum torque is 360 Nm.

Step 4: Finding the torque when the angle is (b)

Substitute the given data in equation (1), to determine the torque,

πmax=NIABsin90° =150×50A×0.03m2×1.60 T×sin10.9° =68.1 Nm

Hence, the value of torque is 68.1 Nm.

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