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Chapter 32: Medical Applications of Nuclear Physics

College Physics (Urone)
Pages: 1153 - 1186

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45 Questions for Chapter 32: Medical Applications of Nuclear Physics

  1. Why is radon more closely associated with inducing lung cancer than other types of cancer?

    Found on Page 1153
  2. Radiotherapy is more likely to be used to treat cancer in elderly patients than in young ones. Explain why. Why is radiotherapy used to treat young people at all?

    Found on Page 1181
  3. Compare a low dose of radiation to a human with a low dose of radiation used in food treatment.

    Found on Page 1181
  4. Suppose one food irradiation plant uses a \({}^{{\rm{137}}}{\rm{Cs}}\) source while another uses an equal activity of \({}^{{\rm{60}}}{\rm{Co}}\). Assuming equal fractions of the \({\rm{\gamma }}\) rays from the sources are absorbed, why is more time needed to get the same dose using the \({}^{{\rm{137}}}{\rm{Cs}}\) source?

    Found on Page 1181
  5. Why does the fusion of light nuclei into heavier nuclei release energy?

    Found on Page 1182
  6. In the 1980s, the term picowave was used to describe food irradiation in order to overcome public resistance by playing on the well-known safety of microwave radiation. Find the energy in \({\bf{MeV}}\)of a photon having a wavelength of a picometer.

    Found on Page 1183
  7. Energy input is required to fuse medium-mass nuclei, such as iron or cobalt, into more massive nuclei. Explain why.

    Found on Page 1182
  8. Find the mass of \(^{239}{\rm{Pu}}\) that has an activity of\(1.00\,\mu {\rm{Ci}}\).

    Found on Page 1183
  9. Give reasons justifying the contention made in the text that energy from the fusion reaction \({}^2H + {}^2H \to {}^4He + \gamma \) is relatively difficult to capture and utilize.

    Found on Page 1182
  10. (a) If the average molecular mass of compounds in food is\(50.0\;{\rm{g}}\), how many molecules are there in\(1.00\;{\rm{kg}}\)of food?

    Found on Page 1183

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