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College Physics (Urone)
Found in: Page 1182

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Short Answer

Give reasons justifying the contention made in the text that energy from the fusion reaction \({}^2H + {}^2H \to {}^4He + \gamma \) is relatively difficult to capture and utilize.

Experimentally, it is quite difficult to properly trap and absorb \({\rm{\gamma }}\) rays.

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Step by Step Solution

Step 1: Define energy

Energy is a measurable attribute that may be transferred from one thing to another in order for it to do work.

Step 2: Explanation

Let’s investigate why the following nuclear reaction is difficult to capture in this problem,

\({}^2H + {}^2H \to {}^4He + \gamma \)

The helium core and \(\gamma \) rays, which are formed when the nucleus core shifts from one excited state to another excited state or the ground state, are visible as a result of this nuclear process. When we look at the electromagnetic spectrum, we can observe that \(\gamma \) rays have extraordinarily high frequencies, as well as incredibly high energy, if we use the Einstein connection \(E = hf\). Since we know that \(c = \lambda f\), this has a very tiny wavelength since it is of high frequency.

The \(\gamma \) rays are exceedingly destructive and might cause harm if they reach the Earth's surface. However, due to their incredibly tiny wavelength, it would be exceedingly difficult to collect and identify these \(\gamma \) rays even in the nuclear reactor where this reaction would occur. Producing a detector that can properly absorb these rays is extremely difficult, and it also raises the issue of potential health risks during the surgery if it occurs.

Therefore, experiments in capturing and absorbing \(\gamma \) rays have proven to be quite difficult.

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