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Chapter 17: Physics of Hearing

College Physics (Urone)
Pages: 595 - 632

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90 Questions for Chapter 17: Physics of Hearing

  1. An 8-hour exposure to a sound intensity level of\(90.0\;{\rm{dB}}\)may cause hearing damage. What energy in joules falls on a\(0.800\;{\rm{cm}}\)diameter eardrum so exposed?

    Found on Page 629
  2. What is the difference between an overtone and a harmonic? Are all harmonics overtones? Are all overtones harmonics?

    Found on Page 628
  3. A physicist at a fireworks display times the lag between seeing an explosion and hearing its sound, and finds it to be\(0.400\;{\rm{s}}\). (a) How far away is the explosion if air temperature is\(24\;{\rm{^\circ C}}\)and if you neglect the time taken for light to reach the physicist? (b) Calculate the distance to the explosion taking the speed of light into account. Note that this distance is negligibly greater.

    Found on Page 629
  4. Why can a hearing test show that your threshold of hearing is 0 at 250Hz , when Figure 17.37 implies that no one can hear such a frequency at less than 20dB?

    Found on Page 628
  5. Suppose a bat uses sound echoes to locate its insect prey, \(3.00m\) away.

    Found on Page 629
  6. If audible sound follows a rule of thumb similar to that for ultrasound, in terms of its absorption, would you expect the high or low frequencies from your neighbor’s stereo to penetrate into your house? How does this expectation compare with your experience?

    Found on Page 628
  7. What is the intensity in watts per meter squared of\(85.0\;{\rm{dB}}\)sound?

    Found on Page 629
  8. Elephants and whales are known to use infrasound to communicate over very large distances. What are the advantages of infrasound for long distance communication?

    Found on Page 628
  9. The warning tag on a lawn mower states that it produces noise at a level of \(91.0\;{\rm{dB}}\). What is this in watts per meter squared?

    Found on Page 629
  10. It is more difficult to obtain a high-resolution ultrasound image in the abdominal region of someone who is overweight than for someone who has a slight build. Explain why this statement is accurate.

    Found on Page 628

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