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Q11 CQ

College Physics (Urone)
Found in: Page 1147

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Short Answer

The weak and strong nuclear forces are basic to the structure of matter. Why we do not experience them directly?

Due to short range we cannot experience directly.

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Step by Step Solution

Step 1 Significance of nuclear forces

The forces that exist between two or more nucleons are known as nuclear forces. In atomic nuclei, they link protons and neutrons, or "nucleons." The chemical bond that holds atoms in molecules together is about 10 million times weaker than the nuclear force.

Step 2: The weak and strong nuclear forces

We know that Atoms consist of Nucleus in which positively charged proton and neutral charge neutron is present and also negatively charged electron revolving around the nucleus in a fixed orbit.

Nucleus held together by nuclear forces. These forces are strong and weak nuclear forces. Due to very short range that is equal to the radius of nucleus approx. \({\rm{1}}{{\rm{0}}^{{\rm{ - 15}}}}{\rm{\;m}}\), so these forces cannot be experienced directly.

But the stability of nucleus is determined by these kinds of forces. So, they are critical to structure of matter.

Hence, due to short range we cannot experience directly

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