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Q15 CQ

College Physics (Urone)
Found in: Page 315

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Short Answer

Certain types of dinosaurs were bipedal (walked on two legs). What is a good reason that these creatures invariably had long tails if they had long necks?

Bipedal dinosaurs had long tails to achieve balance.

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Step by Step Solution

Step 1: Force

A force is an external factor that can change the rest or motion of a body. It has a size and a general direction.

Step 2: Forces on the Dinosaur

An object is said to be balanced when its center of mass is close to the ground. The diagram of a bipedal dinosaur is shown below:

The head's and torso's center of gravity lie at A and B, respectively. The center of mass of the tail is at C.

Step 3: Advantage of having Tail

If this dinosaur had no tail, the center of gravity would lie between the neck region and the torso, which is at a higher distance from the ground. So, the dinosaur might fall while walking. Hence, the long tail shifts the center of gravity to a point between the base of its legs that provides more stability.

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