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College Physics (Urone)
Found in: Page 471

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Short Answer

Question: Dry air is 78.1% nitrogen. What is the partial pressure of nitrogen when the atmospheric pressure is 1.01×105 N/m2?


The partial pressure of nitrogen is 7.89×104N/m2

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Step by Step Solution

Step 1: Introduction

We apply the formula for partial pressure which is to find partial pressure by multiplying nitrogen percentage by total pressure.

Step 2: Given parameters and formula for partial pressure

Total pressure = Atmospheric pressure =1.01×105N/m2

Percentage of nitrogen =78.1%

The formula for partial pressure Ppartial = % Nitrogen100×Ptotal

Here, Ppartial partial pressure and Ptotal total pressure.

Step 3: Calculate the partial pressure

The partial pressure of nitrogen in the atmosphere

Ppartial=%Nitrogen100×PtotalPpartial=78.1(1.01×105N/m2)100×Ptotal =7.89×104N/m2

Therefore, partial pressure of nitrogen is \({\rm{7}}{\rm{.89 \times 1}}{{\rm{0}}^{\rm{4}}}\;{\rm{N/}}{{\rm{m}}^{\rm{2}}}\)

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