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College Physics (Urone)
Found in: Page 551

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Short Answer

The engine of a large ship does 2.00×108J of work with an efficiency of 5.00% (a) How much heat transfer occurs to the environment (b) How many barrels of fuels are consumed if each barrel produces 6.00×109 J of heat transfer when burned?

Amount of heat transferred to the environment is 3.8×109J and .667 barrels of fuels are consumed.

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Step by Step Solution

Step: 1 Introduction-

Heat engine is a device by which a system is made to undergo a cyclic process. It results conversion of heat into work. First and second law helps in the operation of Heat Engine.

Step: 2 Given Parameters and formula to be used-

Amount of work done by the engine W=2.00×108 J

Efficiency η=5.00%

Step: 3 Calculations


Relation to be used



h- Efficinency of the heat EngineW-Work done by the Heat EngineQ1-Amount of Heat Extracted from Heat EngineQ2-Amount of Heat transfered to Environment

h=WQ1Q1=WhQ1=2.00×108.05Q1=4×109 J


W=Q1-Q2Q2=Q1-WQ2=4×109 J-2.00×108 JQ2=3.8×109 J

(b) Barrels of fuel consumed -

n=4×109 J6×109 J =0.667

So, amount of heat transferred to the environment is 3.8×109 J and barrels of fuel consumed are 0.667.

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