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Chapter 15: Oscillations

Fundamentals Of Physics
Pages: 413 - 443

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126 Questions for Chapter 15: Oscillations

  1. An oscillating block–spring system takes 0.75 sto begin repeating its motion.

    Found on Page 436
  2. In Figure, two identical springs of spring constant7580N/mare attached to a block of mass0.245kg. What is the frequency of oscillation on the frictionless floor?

    Found on Page 436
  3. What is the phase constant for the harmonic oscillator with the velocity functionv(t)given in Figure if the position function x(t)has the form x=xmcos(ωt+ϕ)? The vertical axis scale is set by vs=4.0cm/s.

    Found on Page 436
  4. What is the maximum acceleration of a platform that oscillates at amplitude 2.20 cmand frequency 6.60 Hz?

    Found on Page 436
  5. An automobile can be considered to be mounted on four identical springs as far as vertical oscillations are concerned. The springs of a certain car are adjusted so that the oscillations have a frequency of 3.00 Hz.

    Found on Page 436
  6. A pendulum is formed by pivoting a long thin rod about a point on the rod. In a series of experiments, the period is measured as a function of the distance xbetween the pivot point and the rod’s center.

    Found on Page 439
  7. In Figure, a 2.50 kgdisk of diameter D=42.0 cmis supported by a rod of length L=76.0 cmand negligible mass that is pivoted at its end.

    Found on Page 439
  8. The amplitude of a lightly damped oscillator decreases by 3.0 %during each cycle. What percentage of the mechanical energy of the oscillator is lost in each cycle?

    Found on Page 439
  9. In an electric shaver, the blade moves back and forth over a distance of 2.0 mmin simple harmonic motion, with frequency 120 Hz.

    Found on Page 436
  10. A particle with a mass of1.00×10-20kgis oscillating with simple harmonic motion with a period of 1.00×10-5sand a maximum speed of1.00×103m/s.

    Found on Page 436

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