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Fundamentals Of Physics
Found in: Page 1364

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Short Answer

Calculate the disintegration energy of the reactions

(a)π++p++ K+ and (b)K-+pΛ0+π0

(a) The value π++p++ K+ is 605.2 Mev.

(b)The value K-+pΛ0+π0 is -181.4 Mev.

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Step by Step Solution

Step 1: Disintegration energy

Disintegration energy is lost by the nucleus undergoing radioactive decay. During radioactive decay, an element loses mass and energy by emitting radiation and ionizing particles. During this process of radioactive decay. an atom is transformed into another element.

The chemical species undergoing radioactive decay is called the parent nuclide, and the new chemical species is called the daughter nuclide.


Step 2 (a) : Solve π++p→∑++ K+

(1) Explanation

mπ+139.6 MeVmp938.3 MeVm+1189.4 MeVmK+493.7 MeV

(2) Solution

Q=-Δm.c2 ….. (1)

Put the value in equation (1)

Q=m++mK+-mπ+-mpc2=1189.4+493.7-139.6-938.3 MeV=1683.1-1077.9 MeV=605.2 Mev

Hence the value π++p++ K+ is 605.2 Mev.

Step 3 (b): Solve K-+p→Λ0+π0

(1) Explanation

mK-493.7 MeVmp938.3 MeVmΛ01115.6 Mevmπ0135.0

(2) Solution.

Q=-Δm.c2Q=mΛ0+mπ0-mK--mpc2=1115.6+135.0-493.7-938.3 MeV=1250.6-1432 MeV=-181.4 Mev

Hence, the value K-+pΛ0+π0is -181.4 Mev.


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