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Fundamentals Of Physics
Found in: Page 1364

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Short Answer

What is the quark makeup of.K¯0

The kaonsK¯0 is made from.sd¯+s¯d=0

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Step by Step Solution

Step 1: Definition of kaon. 

A kaon is also named as Kmesons. It is a group of your mesons divided by a quantum number called strangeness.

In the quark model there are bound states of a strange quark and an up or down antiquark.

Step 2: The quark makeup of.K¯0 

The given kaonsK¯0 is neutrally charged antiparticle has the same mass and it contains a strange quark and a down antiquark.

The charge of K¯0is.Q=0

To make the overall charge zero, we need to take one quark and other an anti quark.

The possible quark is sd¯ and s¯d.

Strangeness of sd¯ is (1)+0=1.

Strangeness ofs¯d is.(+1)+0=+1

Hence the kaons K¯0are made from.sd¯+s¯d=0

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