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Fundamentals Of Physics
Found in: Page 294

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Short Answer

A point on the rim of a 0.75 m-diameter grinding wheel changes speed at a constant rate from 12 m/s to25 m/s in 6.2 s. What is the average angular acceleration of the wheel?

Angular acceleration of the wheel is 5.60   rad/s2.

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Step by Step Solution

Step 1: Given

i) Diameter of rim is 0.75  m

ii) Initial speed is 12  m/s

iii) Final speed is 25 m/s

iv) Time period is 6.2 sec

Step 2: Determining the concept

The rate of change of angular velocity of a body with respect to time is called angular acceleration. Find initial as well as final angular velocity using the relationship between rotational and linear velocity. Use a rotational kinematic equation to find the angular acceleration.

The angular velocity is given as-


The angular acceleration is given as-


where, v is velocity, t is time, r is radius, α is angular acceleration and ω is angular frequency.

Step 3: Determining theangular acceleration of the wheel

Here, find the initial as well as final angular speed from the linear velocity as follows:


12  m/s=(0.375 m)ω1

ω1=32  rad/s


25 m/s=(0.375 m)ω2

ω=66.7 rad/s

So, the change in angular speed is as follows:

Δω=66.7 rad/s32 rad/s

Δω=34.7 rad/s

Now, angular acceleration is as follows:


α=34.7 rad/s 6.2 s

α=5.60  rad/s

Hence, angular acceleration of the wheel is 5.60   rad/s2.

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